día 253

Es curioso como en la época de mi vida que peor y menos duermo

lo que más me regala la gente son pijamas y más pijamas…



3 comentarios on “día 253”

  1. ystream dice:

    nice new wallpaper, too!

  2. c.a.l dice:

    Do you really like it?.. i thought of introducing this little change in the apartment´s look. The idea of changing it change it every once in a while felt nice…but now… i am not sure if i like it or rather stay with the plain blue… buf!

  3. ystream dice:

    I like the idea of a wallpaper for this room. If you don’t like this particular one, maybe there’s something else… maybe something with stripes like one of those wallpapers in Umbrellas of Cherbourg.


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